Grants Braes AFC welcomes existing and new members and their families to the 2019 season. The junior club at Braes has been growing steadily and we attempt to have teams in all grades, depending on numbers. We will make every endeavour to put players into the same teams that they were in last year, but in the next age grade up. Any vacancies will then be filled by players new to the club and as the number of players in a team increases every 2 years, it is not too hard to find places for players.

Grants Braes junior teams fared well in 2018, taking out first or second placings in a few of the grades and were probably one of the more successful clubs in Dunedin.


Grants Braes will supply the club shirts (yellow and black) and players will need to supply their own shin pads (FIFA regulation), boots, black socks and shorts.

A mouth guard is an optional piece of safety equipment parents/guardians may wish their child to use.


Grants Braes aim to cater to all age groups from age 3 through to the youth grade.



Grants Braes AFC hold a Skills Program for 3-6-year olds on a Sunday afternoon, to make it easier for families with more than 1 child playing. It is designed to offer as much ball time as possible and our Skills Program has seen children come to Ocean Grove from areas such as Pinehill, Wakari and Green Island.

6th – 10th Grade

These grades play 5-a-side for the younger grades, moving up to 7-a-side for the older ones. This age group is more about participation, while gaining skills and experience.

11th-12th Grade

Competitive grades start at 11th grade and will quite often see trials held for these competitive teams. Selection will be based not only on skills, but positions to be filled as well. For those that are not so competitive, or just didn’t quite make the competitive grades, there is a more social grade. Teams will be graded for their division by the ability of the team. This grade is 9-a-side on a larger pitch.


13th Grade-Youth

Teams from 13th grade up are 11-a-side on a full-size pitch. While there are still competitive and social grades, it may not always be possible to have a team at each grade in both and it will be down to the coach to assess the available players to decide which way to go. Players at this level will be settling more into preferred positions and will start to learn more in the way of tactical play, as well continuing to learn more technical ball skills. For those at the Youth level, they will be opportunities to play at the senior level to help fill teams if they are short and this helps give a gentle introduction to the game at the senior level.

Grants Braes are keen to include and develop girls football and even have an all-girls team playing in 10th grade, who are starting to develop into a confident side. Able to complete with the all-boys teams in their Grade.

Overall Grants Braes AFC are proud to have a strong Junior Club, our key focus areas are Fun, Family and making sure the kids want to come back for more!

See you in 2019

David Creed

Junior Coordinator.

Junior Fees for 2019:

Skills Program $30
6th Grade $65 
7th Grade $75 
8th Grade $75
9th Grade $85
10th Grade $85
11th Grade $95
12th Grade $95
13th Grade $105
14th Grade $105
15th Grade $105
Youth Grade $105

If you are a parent who also coaches your child’s team, then as a thank you we do offer you a free subscription for your child for the season (limit one per team) 

Registration are online using the NZ Football system, but we will have a registration day on so that parents can have help to work through this process if needed.

Parental Support

As we grow as a club, parental support is appreciated and needed, either by coaching a team (support and courses can be offered) or managing a team. It is also a great way to get more involved in our friendly club. Contact us for more information.

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